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CBSE Affiliation

CBSE Schools

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CBSE Schools Affiliation Bye-laws: Minimum Infrastructure

Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) grants affiliation to various category of schools in accordance with its Affiliation Bye-laws. The chapter-II of affiliation Bye-laws, inter-alia prescribe the following with regard to minimum infrastructure requirement in schools.
The schools must have about 2 acres or as otherwise permitted measurement of land and a building constructed on a part of land and proper playgrounds on the remaining land.
The land should be owned by the schools or the society which is running the school. If the land is taken on lease it should be for a minimum period of 30 years.
The institutions should have proper facilities commensurate with its requirement and should provide minimum floor space of 1 sq. mtr. per student in the class room.
Every institute will also provide proper facilities for physically challenged students.
The school should have suitable furniture in the class rooms and office equipments commensurate with the strength and staff.
The school should have the needed equipment and faculties for science, home science, technical subjects, vocations subjects etc.
The school should scrupulously observe prescription from the local authority regarding safety, safe drinking water and sanitation.
The school should have at least 1 computer lab with minimum of 10 computers or computer students ratio of 1:20 and internet connection.
The school should have a well equipped and spacious library with minimum of 1500 booksand at least 15 magazines. Also, the school should maintain pupil book ratio of 1:5.
The right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act, 2009 provides for norms and standards to be fulfilled by every school. These include norms and standards relation to (i) Pupil teacher ratios at primary and upper-primary level, (ii) building norms to provide for all weather building, barrier free access, separate toilets for boys and girls, safe drinking water, kitchen facility, play ground, etc., (iii) minimum number of working days, (iv) minimum number of working hours per week per teacher, (v) teacher learning equipment, (vi) Library, (vii) play material, games and sports equipment.

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