Saturday, October 20, 2012

 At the very beginning of his book, "The Nehru Dynasty", astrologer K.N.Raomentions the names of Jawaharlal's father and grandfather.Jawahar Lal's father was believed to be Motilal and Motilal's father was oneGangadhar Nehru.And we all know that Jawaharlal's only daughter was Indira Priyadarshini Nehru;Kamala Nehru was her mother, who died in Switzerland of tuberculosis.She was totally against Indira's proposed marriage with Feroze.
Why? No one tells us that!
Now, who is this Feroze?We are told by many that he was the son of thefamily grocer .The grocer supplied wines,etc. to Anand Bhavan (previously known as IshratManzil)What was the family grocer's name?One frequently hears that Rajiv Gandhi's grandfather was Pandit Nehru.But then we all know that everyone has two grandfathers, the paternal and thematernal grandfathers.In fact, the paternal grandfather is deemed to be the more important grandfather inmost societies.

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